bringing pro and college insights with
sean hanrahan: camp director

18 Seasons of
College Excellence

Sean Hanrahan’s extensive tenure as the Head Coach at Warner University equips him with a deep understanding of college basketball’s intricacies. His experience translates to invaluable insights for young athletes aspiring to play at the collegiate level.

Winning Legacy
and Expertise

Holding the title of all-time winningest coach at Warner, with a remarkable 335-191 record, Sean’s accomplishments underscore his mastery of the game. His coaching prowess offers kids a firsthand glimpse into the principles that lead to success in both college and beyond.

NBA Combine Clinics
and Presidential Interaction

Sean’s involvement in NBA combine week clinics for notable draftees reveals his connection to the pro game. His experiences with talents like Lonzo Ball, Zion Williamson, and others offer participants a window into the rigorous preparation and dedication required at the highest level. Additionally, his basketball clinic for Former President Obama highlights his impact beyond the court.

Sean Hanrahan: Illuminating Pathways
to Basketball Success

Sean Hanrahan’s multifaceted journey makes him a remarkable guide for our campers, bridging the gap between college aspirations and professional dreams. Through his insights, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the demands, strategies, and opportunities in both the pro game and college basketball arena. At Flow Shooting Academy, Sean Hanrahan’s expertise becomes a beacon of inspiration for young athletes striving to elevate their game.